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Q8Weather Newsletter Feb 16 2007 
in this issue
:: World Weather News
:: Snow in Kuwait?

World Weather News 

First Snowfall For Kathmandu, Nepal in 63 Years! 
SSnownow fell in Nepal's capital of Kathmandu for the first time since 1944. The snowfall only lasted a few minutes, but stirred up excitement and curiosity among the city's residents. Snow also disrupted flights and road travel in several outlying areas of Nepal.
Snow in Kuwait? Is that possible?

Well, many people are asking this question, could it snow in Kuwait? Well didnt any one think of the question: "Did it ever snow in Kuwait?" Well the answer to that question is no, not since records began. We have had frost and hail but ot snow. Now, the question is will it in the coming years? Well many of you are thinking "It has reached -3c in Kuwait, why no snow??" Altitude! Thats the thing! Kuwait is just not high enough to get snow, if it snows the snow will melt before reaching low lying Kuwait!
Travel HotSpot!
Cannes, France. The beauty of the beautiful

 CannesHave you ever been to paradise? No? Well if you haven't been to the sky's paradise, you have to visit the Earth's paradise! Cannes is full of greenery, warmth and a absolutely gorgeous coastline! Also, let us not forget the food. Summer sunshine with temperatures between 20c to 28c makes Cannes a travel HotSpot. Celebrities are always found in this glamorous area. Want to know the weather there? The climate? Email me @
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Mishaal Al Roomi
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