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Have any comments and want to meet Mishaal Al Roomi himself?!?

Have any questions? Comments? Simply want to meet Mishaal Al Roomi? Mishaal Al Roomi is a member of the Kuwait Science Club Astronomy and Meteorology Department. Mishaal Al Roomi in charge of the meteorology department soon to be opened and a weather teacher to the young members.
Times where you will find Mishaal Al Roomi in the Kuwait Science Club Astoronimical Department in the coming days:
- Sunday February 11th 2007 from 4:45pm to 8:15pm
***Please call the Kuwait Science Club Astronomy and Meteorology Department @ (965) 5393548  first and schedule an appointment to meet Mishaal Al Roomi or email him @ There will be no guarantee of instant replies due to the large of amounts of emails Mishaal Al Roomi recieves but will reply as soon as he cans. Thank You...
Please check this page continously for updates...
Thank you,

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