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Want to Learn Environmental Science(Biology), Weather(Meteorology) or English(Spelling+Grammar)? This is a GREAT chance to do so! Weatherman Mishaal Al Roomi himself will teach the classes! A great way of tutoring plus once the course is over and you succeed, you will get a "College Recommendation" signed by the weatherman, the Astronomy Department Manager and the Owner of the Kuwait Science Club! Colleges will love it! Especially since its Volunteery Work (outside of school).

The class is  very fun and interesting. Mishaal Al Roomi the owner of this site himself is  the teacher and teach you all the lovely tricks to predict the weather! Trust me, its worth it!
Class Description:
The class will have written work, projects, presentations, group work and many more.
Class Price: 20kd only
Class Course Time: Until June 2006
Where? Kuwait Science Club Astronomy & Meteorology Department by 6th Ring Road
Age: You should at least be between 12-17 years old.
Qualifications: The class will be mostly in English and some arabic translation to students who are not very educated in English. You will need to know a good amount of English for this class. Misbehavior will not be tolerated by the weatherman and will result in immediate expulsion.
- Fun and interesting class
- You will be educated in Weather/Meteorology
- You will get Official Awards and Certificates
- Meteorology education is widely used everywhere therefore Colleges and Universities will be happy if they see that you have a certificate in Meteorology especially since you chose yourself to take it and this will really help alot into getting you in the world's best colleges and universities.
- You will be able to predict the weather yourself and amaze your friends and family!
- Building teamwork
- Working together
Best Benifit: You will be able to use the utilities in the Meteorology Department which are very cool, they tell you the forecast, show you cool satellite pictures and radars and upcoming lightning activity and many more with permission from Mishaal Al Roomi and who knows? If he likes you, you might even be in the papers!!
Class Times:
Ages 12 to 14: Sundays 5pm to 6:25pm + Wednesdays 5pm to 6:25pm
Ages 15 to 17: Sundays 6:30pm to 8:15pm + Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:15pm
Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ:
-None for now
For more in depth information, go to the "MEET THE WEATHERMAN!" page in the site and come and meet Mishaal Al Roomi himself for questions.

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